4 March 2020

“I like the idea in which my work can be attributed to women, that can appropriate it, giving to it a life I could never imagine” C.L.

This Monday, February 24th, in Paris, at the Palais de la Porte Dorée, took place the opening of the largest exhibition dedicated to the work and imagination of the master CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. An exhibition that invite you into the emotional red world of Louboutin until july, 26th…

A place steeped in history, since the Golden Gate Palace was an eternal source of inspiration for his creations, due to its imposant architectural beauty and the complexity of its details and ornamentations.  Above all, it will be the source of one of his most iconic design: the Pigalle pumps.

The exhibition features eleven chapters dedicated to his inspirations, selection of personal works and loans from public collections, including some shoes never exhibited before.

Finally, one wing of the exhibition is dedicated to the works of his dearest friends, according to him “it is always the case that mounting an exhibition without highlighting people whom I admire and respect infinitely on a daily basis was unthinkable”. 
An exhibition full of poetry that made us travel for a brief moment in the overflowing imagination of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

Then, House Louboutin has chosen À PART publications to interpret and give it’s own vision of the shoe designer’s heritage in fashion. See below, exclusive sneak peeks of this story:

Discover the full article and editorial interpreting our own vision of the Louboutin world, directed by Guillaume Boulez and shot by Jean-Vincent Simonet and Moos-Tang in the last issue of À PART Publications, n°6: i [ELLE]. Shop it here.