Barely two weeks after his media coming out, Yanis reveals a first single from his next EP. It is “Solo”,
a strong single through which the non-binary artist evokes the rejection of his own father.

‘I recorded “Solo” in one take, the piano and my voice.

It’s interesting how something so intimate, difficult to accept and understand can materialize so quickly, in 4 minutes and 27 seconds.
This song is the title of the EP and it sums it up quite well. It opens in an intimate way on the history of a war that has become silent with time. It talks about power, the power you had over me. It speaks of the chaos, the chaos that you sowed in my life. About my freedom that I took away from you. It speaks of you my father. Of the one who chose to be absent for an indefinite time. This song is an open letter, a love letter, an answer to your hatred by telling you I love you.

This song is my story but it’s also yours.

This EP will also be a party, a celebration of our bodies, our nights, our transcendence and our resilience.