NEWS : Christian Louboutin collaborates with artist Léa Augereau

25 January 2021

Christian Louboutin gives carte blanche to artist Léa Augereau to sublimate its new boutique rue Saint Honoré in Paris.

December 2020, Paris

For the launching of his new boutique rue Saint Honoré, Christian Louboutin
gives carte blanche to artist Léa Augereau to imagine an exclusive canvas that will be highlighted in the grand staircase.

“Léa gives great importance to colors. She has an innate sense of mix, patterns and staging a very diverse representation of femininity, that I love and which speaks to me of course. The deceptively smooth faces of her heroes share a lot of character and personality, it’s just beautiful ” Christian Louboutin

Parisian by adoption, the young artist first trained in model making and couture. These two disciplines, partly at the origin of her passion for painting, show in her works through geometric shapes and in-depth work on clothing. Passionate about fashion, the painter is also inspired by design and architecture recreating a sunny and joyful universe. Transported by her creativity, it is therefore quite natural that Christian Louboutin chose her for this unique art piece that fit in perfectly with the boutique decor.

“Through this canvas that I entitled « La douce vie », I wanted to highlight and color an art of living, there is a kind of opulence inspired by Christian Louboutin while leaving a large place for time, this time which passes so fast, this time which is so uncertain lastly like a snub to ambient stress, I wanted to create a enchanted parenthesis like this new boutique full of surprises ” Léa Augereau.