23 October 2017


Five fashion students from the parisian school Duperré present their work on À PART. Here are their final collection they presented for their diploma. Discover the unique universe and know-how of each young fashion designer.



Photographer Valentin Petit model Quentin Lenoir @success

“I travel to find ¨Paititi¨, a mythical  city created by the Inca’s in the center of Latin America.  I give to this myth a precise sense and a real value exploring a rich territory full of thechniques. Boliva, my country of origin, is a production territory that i want to make it grow creating a designer-handcrafts partnership. This exploration is a not only a travel, but an occasion to establish links with professionals within fashion and textiles sectors. The construction of ties between France and Bolivia. I am accompany by a character during this trip, the man that i desire to dress. I build the ward-robe of a baroque and young traveller, a back-packer, a man that wants to discover treasures.”



Artistic Directors Juan Corrales & Laëtitia Gimenez Photographer François Quillac Casting Director Conan Lorendot models Dourane & Xavier 

“Linda is a state of mind. Inspired by ballrooms and galas, the “flou” technique blends with the tailor’s emblematic clothing volumes in order to propose a revival of a sumptuous masculinity. My work revolves around a rebirth of volume researchs around the male body. It is a matter of restoring a former frivolity to menswear that was established before the uniformity of the bodies in the nineteeth century, while taking into account the social changes he underwent, perhaps, to introduce a “great male couture” that is other than the ashes of an institutional tailorism.”



Creative Direction Louise richard Photographer Valentin Petit Model Dominyka

“Representations inside an image, more specifically around the iconography of the window in the painting , were the subject of my collection. What interests me is the perspective and the distance that the painting represents. While setting limits, the window centres, decreases, decenters, implies space beyond the frame. I deduce from them principles and volumes in a manifest ready-to-wear collection.”



Photographer Laura Weaver Make-up artist Nirina Alazard Model Matthieu Villot 

“This menswear collection deals with a pack of hounds which does not necessarily allude to the figure of a wolf as its main inspiration. I deliberately brought the topic to a certain degree of abstraction following the notion of a wolf-pack described by G. Deleuze and F. Guattari in Mille Plateaux, hence the title of my collection Founding a wolf-pack, from couch grass to lilacHowever, beyond references I intended to alter the average conception that one might have of a wolf-pack : I added soft tones and selected fabrics which enhanced sensuality. I wanted my hounds to be more sophisticated. The shades of dry flowers I worked with allow more fluidity between the silhouettes, and asymmetric details such as overlapping panels or extended flaps for trousers tend to make some of the pieces more intriguing. The notion I had for my hounds hover around some tribal austerity and a definite sense of refinement.”



Photographer Lou Matheron Make-up artist Céline Mellot Models Tiffany Bouelle & Meydi Fall

“The starting point of my Graduation Collection was mainly a personal one : from 1973 to 1982 my mother lived in Cameroun, and in 1972, my father lived for one year in China. My parents’ house and the space I evolved in results from the combination and accumulation of objects taken from these two places. For this collection I offer highly colorful and « print-full » silhouettes, based on the hybridation of the Chinese and African influences I grew up with. This lead to the mix of traditional Chinese flower prints with traditional African wax prints, or to the combination of a Mao collar with a djellaba shape … The concept of this collection is to blend all the visual influences I collected together, in order to create a new allure made of various references.”