7 June 2022

Stories of metamorphosis talk about creatures turning themselves and other beings into animals, humans, plants or rocks. These tales of shapeshifting tell us something about how we express our desires, ideals and fears. How the subconscious flows between our inner and outer spheres to incarnate themselves into our conscious lives. 

photo CAROLINE FAYETTE @caroline_fayette

stylist FABIANA VARDARO @fvardaromelchiorri

art direction & set designer VICTOR LABARTHE D’ARNOUX @victor_labarthe

model EVE BEUCHER @eve_beucher

make up GIANLUCA VENERDINI @gianluca.venerdini

hair DIEGO FRAILE @diegofraile_

fur balenciaga
top prada face piece lego sky 
headpiece bjorn van der berg jacket prada 
headpiece bjorn van der berg jacket prada 
face piece lego sky 
 fur balenciaga