EDITORIAL : The Wantsum Wyrm

17 February 2021

Creative Direction + Photo CELIA CROFT @celiacroft
Creative Direction + Style KATE BISHOP @sashasadies
Poem MORGANA RUBINI @selkiesounds
Hair JOHN ALLAN @johnallanhair
Make-up GRACE ELLINGTON @gracemariaellington
Nails ANH HOANG @anhhhoang_
Assistant GUS SHARPE @gussharpe
Models LILITH & WILLOW @butterflywillow

The Wantsum Wyrm

In the caves deep her wet liquor-like body hides
Unseen other than in the moonlights strands
Which reveal the candescence of her limbs
like a shiny white tooth in the closeted wet secret of a mouth

On the earthshine nights
In the freedom of the caves cloak
Holding vulnerability in its creases
The wyrm will dance to the beat of the
Seas thumping heartbeat
Her body twirling around itself

And the tiny creatures hidden in the cracks of the wall
Will twitch their fingernail sized ears
And join the sodden dance
Their tiny sliming bodies perfectly in sync

Further inside you find etchings on the walls from
Rock chalk and the wyrm’s scabbing fingernails
Drawing out imagined maps of worlds

She scratches her love against the slime of the wall
And only the dark loves back
But in a way that slides off her body and drips down her nose

At night she dreams that she has turned invisible
And when she wakes, she tries to uncover her hands in the
But finds only the stars that
Shiver in the back of her eyeballs

Sometimes a pair of lovers will stroll past the caves entrance
Craving a taste of the moon
And she will hear their laughter trickle in
And the longing will overcome her
So she slivers out with her teeth of silver and thriving body

With one gulp then another, their bodies fill the length of her
And she waits for their laughter to warm her
And she waits for herself to feel hugged by
Their broken bone arms and torn up flesh
But there is nothing but the slowing beats of their hearts

And with her guilt, she crawls deeper and deeper into the
And hides with shame a wet towel over her eyes
Till another wanders by with a heart that feels full of light


earring SC.XTS look SOL HARDING


right to left look YAZ WHITLOCK – pants MAINLINE:RUS/Fr.CA/DE

top & accessories SOL HARDING tights YAZ WHITLOCK