photographer & art director YUAN YAO @grace_myy

make up artist GIULIA ANTONIOLI @giuliaantonioli.mua

nail artist @yakibaby_nails


3D fashion artist TONY MURRAY TATIANA MAKUKHA @kaikai_design IVAN MEDRANO @ivvnvvi JIAYU ZHU @youis_zhu LIU XIN @luuuxnnnn

fashion consultant JIAWEI LI @catherineleejw

digital set design YUAN YAO @grace_myy JIYIN ZHANG @reiki.77 LIU XIN @luuuxnnnn

This project aims to explore how 3D virtual fashion can function in a manner similar to traditional fashion—conveying human identity, expressing emotions, and creating narratives, much like traditional fashion does in print magazines. 

However, virtual fashion is undoubtedly more environmentally friendly, but the key is how it adapts to reality. So far, the sole function of virtual fashion seems to be taking photos and sharing them on social media. However, if traditional magazines could also embrace virtual fashion, it might reduce a portion of environmental pollution. It is a collaborative endeavor involving the combined efforts of five 3D artists.

These images weave a tale akin to Avatar—a narrative of an exotic princess, awakening the dormant might within. From a regal beauty to a guardian shielding her celestial realm, it unfolds as a lyrical metamorphosis, a journey of feminine maturation and life’s profound transformation.

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