Crush : KALIKA

18 March 2022

discover kalika first ep 'latcho drom' !

Music festivals will reopen this spring, and the excited anticipation of an impatient public can already be heard… many artists are already on the road again for their tours, albums that were put on stand-by are finally being released…

And the queen of French pop-punk, Kalika, launched her first EP Latcho Drom (‘bonne route’ in gypsy) at the beginning of March, just when the masks are coming off and the sanitary pass is being abandoned… a coincidence that invites us to party with the synthetic sounds of the gypsy, recorded, produced and arranged by Balthazar Picard.

While our French ear is much more used to hear a Serge Gainsbourg singing his desires, Kalika plays on a ground that the new generation of female artists claim by assuming its sexuality (one of its first titles Chaudasse that we find on the EP takes position on the ‘slut-shamming’). To the sound of her fluid and sincere voice, and sometimes angry, Kalika will not hesitate to confide us her fears and her dreams along her other titles like the great ladies of the French song which are her references… and all that, punctuated with a delirious clip, released the same day as the EP, that she co-directed with Mohamed Chabane (who also directed PalPal of Lomepal). Surrounded by her faithful team and her fans who came especially to shoot in the clip, Olala takes us, with her very Lil’ Kim side but more ‘sweet’, in her queer and colored universe, which is her signature! 

Discover on Instagram : @kalikamusique