11 March 2019

video : Kandid Prod @abricotdore / @maxltnr


By booking the Accords Hotel Arena, a venue that could fit approximately 17.000 people, Christelle Kocher made sure her show was nothing but epic.

By the will of democratizing fashion, Koché invited unexpected guests such as girls from the suburbs soccer clubs or technical colleges and fashion students. In an atmosphere between a rave and game night in a big stadium, the show kicked off with a bunch of orangish-reddish looks including suits, dresses, coats and some outrageous ostrich-feather hats, followed by a familiar yet highly effective work on prints, strips and volume. We also found detailed craftsmanship with devoré velvets, hand-made buckles or Swarovski crystals. As the looks kept rolling, the collection (named ‘The Land of my Dream’) disclosed itself as an anthem for a girl who is open to the world, loves ambitious design, but who also can switch from the club to the playground in a heartbeat.

The show portrayed undoubtedly our favorite – mixed, inclusive and genderless – cast of the entire Paris Fashion Week featuring models (including the out-of-this-world Instagram celebrity Sita Bellan), friends, rappers, artists, street-cast beauties etc. The brand-centric time is gone and Christelle Kocher imagines the collection incarned by the casted models. We like to focus on the clothes as much as on the models, each one of them had their name and fictional number (from the fantasy team ‘United Hearts of Koché’) illuminating the ceiling LED screens of the formerly called Paris Bercy as they fiercely crossed the catwalk of the arena. After last year PSG’s collaboration, Koché pursues its work with Nike with another partnership that includes several looks forecasting FIFA Women’s World Cup which will take place in France this June. The main piece of the collection was a patchwork dress created from 17 football teams jerseys from different countries. They were assembled with ribbons of lace and embroidered with 10,000 Swarovski, a crystal that was laid by hand. With this collection, we can definitely welcome Christelle to the major league.

text : Maxime Leteneur @maxltnr