22 March 2019

video : Kandid Prod @abricotdore / @maxltnr


Programmed the last day of fashion week between Chanel and Louis Vuitton, it wasn’t easy for the chinese born designer Jarel Zhang to shine. Yet, he managed to step up brilliantly with a collection that crystallized simultaneously the zeitgeist and a futuristic vision of our world, by mixing streetwear and luxury with a post apocalyptic twist. “We were inspired by a world after its destruction, the organisms are reborn and the reproduction is relaunched in the new-born world. All these new living things take care of this new world together”, explained the designer.

It’s no surprise Jarel Zhang – who graduated from the Northumbria University and has Master in Textile Design from the Chelsea College of Art and Design – once again blended philosophical ideas with a highly technic fashion, it’s always been in his DNA, since he launched the eponymous label in 2016. The design includes simple colors and a variety of tailoring techniques. Fabric selection included down feather, interlock, knitted material, and a very specific space cotton, which is used to make the astronauts suits. Also, the collection displayed some of Jarel’s obsession like the winter sport theme with the ski boots and the ubiquitous goose down, and his particular consideration for outwear – often oversized and unisex – which were the main pieces of the show.

text : Maxime Leteneur @maxltnr