9 février 2018
– Written by Brendon John
How low can you go? Most of the time celebrity products and endorsements are carefully considered, well thought out affairs but then every now and then we encounter the exception to the rule.
 Paris hilton Haire car collection for lidl
America’s Paris meets Paris’ Lidl
Consider the recent campaign in which none other than Paris Hilton offered willing consumers a taste of the simple life in the form of a 14€ hairdryer sold at Lidl. The world’s favourite hapless heiress joined forces with France’s favourite cut-price supermarket in a union that boggles the mind. One wonders not only whether Paris Hilton has ever set foot in a Lidl, but also whether the discount grocer’s low end reputation factored into this decision. 

Blindsided by Alain
That said – it could be worse. Sharon Stone traded in an advertising deal with Dior for one with the budget friendly optician Alain Affelou, and while the optician seems to have pulled out all the stops for the commercial there nevertheless seems to be a quality mismatch between the two. 

Lidl goes basic
Lidl scored another hit with their Heidi Klum range of apparel in October 2017, this time it seems to have been better thought out than the Paris Hilton branded hairdryers. The advertising and general thrust of the endorsement for budget friendly garments heavy on leopard print and faux-leather jackets led to the collection selling out in record time. The very definition of cheap and cheerful Lidl seemed to hit a sweet spot in the discount bargain bin of tastelessness. 

A leaky situation
But we can always go one better, former Melrose Place and Days of Our Lives actress Lisa Rinna famously, or infamously as the case may be, shot a series of adverts for Depends adult diapers. Now while she reported that her fee for the advertisement was the highest acting fee that she had earned in her 30-year career one doesn’t need to be Anna Wintour to know that adult diapers are never stylish. I fear that her acting fee was not merely based on the magnificent pout she unleashes when presented with a beguiling purple box of adult diapers. No, I rather think that the fee is based on the fact that no one will ever take her seriously again. In the same manner in which no one has ever actually taken Paris Hilton seriously.

Watch out
Therein lies the danger of celebrity endorsements both for the products, and for the celebrity brand itself – One can get more than one bargains for. On the smaller scale, consider the issue when Charlize Theron, at the time under an exclusivity contract with Raymond Weil, was repeatedly photographed wearing Dior watches. Fined a reported 20 million dollars this has undiminished her appeal. By contrast, Sharon Stone would perhaps have difficulty going back to Dior (especially Dior eyewear) after hitting the budget basket for Affelou.
 .Fashion is your alphabet; so don’t leave out any letters
As Bernard Arault of LVMH has repeatedly said, cutting prices reduces the status of an object and this is the inherent danger in promoting 14€ hairdryers (clearly at odds with a life of “luxury”) and even in the production of cut-price collaborations where brands lend their creative energy to the fast fashion market, undercutting in a sense their own savoir fair. And yet – as Anna Dello Russo declares sometimes you just need a fashion shower – and maybe Lidl is the place to get it. 

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