29 March 2018
photographer Kevin Larreguy @kevinlarreguy
stylist Sullivan Gumb @sul.gumb
mua Laure Dansou @lauredansou
hair stylist Sonia Messaoudi  @sonia.messaoudi
models Claire & Sheherazade
Dusan Paunovic’s creations boast precision cuts, exceptional fabrications, and an exquisite attention to workmanship details that elevate them beyond old-school minimalism. Ultimately, his collection defines the ‘NEW’ luxury of today. ‘My fashion is a lifestyle,’ says Paunovic who does not show according to the official fashion week calendars. ‘ When I am making these clothes, I always think what the houses of the women who are wearing them are like. This is very important to me.’
AP : Where are you from, where did you grow up and study ?
DP : I was born in Belgrade and then moved to Milan to study fashion and pattern making at Istituto Marangoni.
AP : Who was the first woman who inspired you ? In whom you found an echo in her style, like discovering something you never saw but had this special echo in you… ?
DP : Working with Zoran I discovered an entire world made of such incredible chic and understated NewYorkese and Milanese women like it used to be in the 90’s. I am a very independant person and I really don’t like to work for someone else. When you have ideas, nobody has to especially inspire you.
AP : With your brand you decide not to do marketing… Not to dress celebrities on red carpets….
DP : I don’t think that my clothes are suitable for red carpets. I know for sure the name of few important actresses that buy my clothes in some of the boutiques
that sell the collection in New York and La. They purchase the clothes on their own as they are perfect to be worn in their private life and not during those crazy events that are becoming more and more the antithesis of elegance and chic. However, lately, I noticed that some things are becoming to change and efforts are being made.
AP : How do you work on your collection ? Some creative people work with multi-inspirations (moodboard), some are very inspired by a person or persona, some are focusing on the cut to re-work it… What is your creative pathway ? Do you have « rites » ?
DP : I am mostly inspired by fabrics that take shape of garments organically. Fabrics become volumes. My process is to start with something then simplify, I am minimizing to find the extreme purity in the shapes I am creating. In one collection, there are different stories depending on the fabrics I am working with (for example, in the FW18 collection there are washed fabrics, double face, jacquard, winter linen…).
AP : In a period when marketing seems to be at its climax, how do you see years coming with the new generation ?  
DP : I don’t believe in reversal but i guess that many small designers will understand that to follow the fashion industry rules is suicidal if you’re not a mega brand. Elegance, quality and clean style will always make comebacks at some points.
AP : Who is Dusan woman ? 
DP : There is no particular Dusan woman. Women who wear Dusan are women who appreciate beautiful fabric, who likes to be timeless and elegant without frills.
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